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The 2014/15 Team Roster is as follows:


    Bouzide, S.

    Donaldson, E.

    Fadel, M.

    Henry, J.

    Hoiting, J.

    Maitre, A (x2)

    Makaric, M.

    Mayrand, S.

    Noseworthy, J.

    Rajsigl, Alex

    Rops, J.

    Shepherd, T.

    Slater, H.

    Sokolowski, M.

    Taiariol, A.

    Wade, J.


We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who attended the tryout sessions and put forth their best efforts.  Some very difficult decisions needed to be made, and we would encourage all those who did not make the roster for the upcoming season, to strive to become the best players they can be, and we look forward to seeing you at next year's tryouts.  Wishing you success in the upcoming season.

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